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    Title: Team Formation
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes photo of four nursing home workers.]
    • Team formation is critical
    • Having the "right" team members will lead to the success of the program
    • Team members should be "champions" for the program

    Speaker Notes:

    Considerations of the following is key to the success of the team:

    • Define who the team will be reporting to i.e. Safety Committee, Occupational Health, or Nursing, or other department.
    • Determine the members of the team. A multidisciplinary team is needed to identify key players and the roles they will play in the process.
    • Identify a team leader. This decision can be made by administration or by another mechanism within the facility. Team leader should be provided with resources of time and support staff to lead the program.
    • Be sure team members view themselves as "champions" for the program. They will help deliver and sell the message as the program is rolled out. In addition, they will serve a vital role in maintaining the effectiveness and support the culture change
    • Involve front-line employees in order to achieve "buy-in" as the program moves ahead.
    • Develop the team's vision, mission, and objectives;
    • Provide training to all team members so that everyone can participate on an equal basis.