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    Title: Overview (cont'd)
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes photo of a worker using equipment to move a patient.]

    There have been many myths associated with safe resident handling including:
    • Body mechanics training is effective in preventing job-related injuries
    • Back belts are effective in reducing risks to caregivers
    • It is safe to lift a 200 pound patient
    • Mechanical lifts are not affordable

    Speaker Notes:

    Many of the work-related injuries in nursing homes are the result of common myths and beliefs. Studies have shown these myths to be false. Shown above are a few of these beliefs. Others include:

    • Nurses who are physically fit are less likely to be injured than nurses who are not fit
    • If a facility buys lifting equipment, staff will use it
    • Lifting patients is the only high-risk resident handling task
    • Injuries to nurses can be prevented by screening of nurses before hiring
    • Use of mechanical lifts eliminates the risks involved in manual lifting