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    Title: Step 3 - Implementation
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes worker giving instructions to nursing home staff.]

    • Roll-out date
    • Staff training
    • Publicize program
    • Beware of barriers

    Speaker Notes:

    The third major step in creating a safe resident handling program is the actual implementation. In this step:

    • Identify a roll-out date
    • Educate by training all staff, from senior management to front-line employees regarding the ergonomic risk factors inherent in lifting, transferring and repositioning residents. Also, train staff on high risk tasks, and new program and processes.
    • All staff on all shifts need to be included. Work with staff education to implement the training. This may include the vendor providing training or development of a train-the trainer program for the facility.
    • Publicize by working with the media/public relations department to communicate, publicize and promote the new program once implemented
    • Be aware of barriers to change - it is difficult to change behavior. Manual lifting has been the norm for the vast majority of healthcare workers. This culture has been perpetuated . It will not be changed overnight. Incorporate information on change into staff education and acknowledge staff concerns