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    Title: Step 2 - Developing A Plan (cont'd)
    Type: Picture Slide
    Content: Includes two photos. First photo shows two workers using a floor-based sling lift to move a nursing home resident from a bed. Second photo shows a worker using a transer board to move a nursing home resident from a bed to a wheelchair.

    Speaker Notes:

    In addition, develop a process for equipment trials, product evaluation feedback, and ordering equipment. Also, determine if equipment can be re-deployed within the facility. Again front-line people should be involved in this process and develop program components, including policy formation to support the program. Also, remember to identify a coach or champion for every department.

    Use resources such as found on the Patient Safety Center at www.visn8.va.gov/VISN8/patientsafetycenter

    The mission of the VISN 8 Patient Safety Center of Inquiry: is to support clinicians in providing safe patient care by designing and testing safety defenses related to the patient, provider, technology, and organization. Specifically, our PSCI goals are to:

    1. prevent injurious falls (specifically focusing on the most serious injuries: hip fractures and intracranial hemorrhages) and minimize adverse events associated with hazardous wandering;
    2. promote the safe use of technology associated with injurious falls and hazardous wandering; and
    3. promote a culture of safety to support clinicians in providing safe patient mobility.