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    Title: Step 2 – Developing A Plan (cont'd)
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes two photos. First photo shows two workers using a lateral sliding aid to move position a nursing home resident. Second photo shows two workers using a sit-to-stand lift to move a nursing home resident.]

    Evaluate mechanical devices needed to "engineer out" manual resident handling

    Speaker Notes:

    The evaluation is based on the assessment of patient needs with a focus on: safety for the caregiver; the patient; and rehabilitation goals.

    There are a variety of devices that are available including friction reducing repositioning/transfer sheets; lateral transfer devices that can be convert into a sitting position; beds that automatically turn residents or change into a sitting position; ceiling lifts; sit-stand assistive devices and portable passive lifts (sling lifts) that are able to turn and reposition residents.

    A variety of vendors should be contacted who would have the type of equipment the program would need. An equipment fair is an opportunity for staff to see equipment, try it and talk to the vendor representatives about their products. The front-line staff should be involved in the evaluation, selection and piloting of new products to obtain buy-in.