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    Title: Different Locations?
    Type: Text Slide

    • If an employee normally reports to an establishment and is injured there, the case goes on that establishment’s log
    • If an employee is injured or made ill while visiting or working at another of the employer’s establishments, then the case must be recorded on the 300 log of the establishment at which the injury or illness occurred (e.g., agency engineer)
    • Cases for employees injured at another employer’s establishment go on the log of the employee’s home establishment (e.g., traveling person)
    Speaker Notes:

    Unlike the private sector, it is common for most Federal agencies to have multiple establishments throughout their national and regional offices. Under Part 1960, the term establishment means a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or operations are performed. Where distinctly separate activities are performed at a single physical location, such as in a typical national or regional office of an executive branch department where headquarters for several agencies or programs are housed, each agency headquarters operation must be treated as a separate establishment. At the Department of Labor, for example, regional and national offices for OSHA, the Employment Standards Administration, Employment and Training Administration, Employee Benefits Security Administration, etc. would all be treated as distinct establishments for illness and injury recordkeeping purposes. Typically, an establishment as used in Part 1960 refers to a field activity, regional office, area office, installation, or facility.