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    Title: 1904.9 – Medical Removal
    Type: Text Slide

    • If an employee is medically removed under the medical surveillance requirements of an OSHA standard, you must record the case
    • The case is recorded as either one involving days away from work or days of restricted work activity
    • If the case involves voluntary removal below the removal levels required by the standard, the case need not be recorded
    Speaker Notes:

    1904.9 requires the employer to record cases where an employee is medically removed under an OSHA standard. Several OSHA standards have medical removal criteria, including the lead, cadmium, and benzene standards.

    The case is recorded as a days away or restricted work case depending on how the employer deals with the removal.

    If employers voluntarily remove employees below the thresholds in the standards, the case does not need to be recorded under this paragraph.