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    Title: 1904.7(b)(4) - Restricted Work Cases
    Type: Text Slide

    • Restricted work activity exists if the employee is:
      - Unable to work the full workday he or she would otherwise have been scheduled to work; or
      - Unable to perform one or more routine job functions
    • An employee’s routine job functions are those activities the employee regularly performs at least once per week
    Speaker Notes:

    Restricted work activity is evaluated by looking at two components: time and job functions. If, because of a work-related injury or illness, an employee is unable to work the full shift he or she was scheduled to work, then that worker is considered to be on restricted work activity. For example, if the employee was scheduled to work an 8-hour day, but is only able to work 4 hours, then his work activity is restricted.

    If an employee is able to work a full shift, but is unable to perform all of his or her routine job functions, then the worker is also considered to be on restricted work activity.

    OSHA has defined routine job functions as work that an employee would regularly have performed at least once per week, because OSHA believes that the range of activities captured by this interval of time will generally reflect the range of an employee’s usual work activities. Activities performed less frequently than once per week reflect more uncommon work activities that are not considered routine duties for the purposes of this rule.