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    Type: Picture Slide
    Content: Includes illustration of a puzzle with five pieces labeled: Engineering Controls, Miscellaneous Devices, Needleless Systems, Needle Guards and Recessed Needles.

    Speaker Notes:

    Some needle devices that incorporate safety features include:

    Needleless IV systems that eliminate the need for a needle.

    Recessed needles located inside a plastic housing can be used for connecting a second IV (secondary set). There is a Y- shaped connector with a rubber septum into which the recessed needle fits. These needles can also be used for giving additional IV medications into the IV line.

    Needle guards on syringes which are an alternative to recapping an exposed needle.

    Miscellaneous devices (e.g., blunted suture needles, phlebotomy needles which are blunted prior to withdrawal from the vein, retractable lancets).