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    Type: Picture Slide
    Content: Includes an illustration of a box with an arrow on the right labeled "Safer Products". The box is labeled "STEPS" and includes the following four points: Analyze Data, Evaluate Products, Develop Criteria, Define Priorities, and Create Team.

    Source: Chiarello, 1995

    Speaker Notes:

    To evaluate and select appropriate safer needle devices, health care employers should review available needlestick injury data including the personnel involved, the devices used, and the circumstances and frequency of needlestick events. This information can assist the employer in determining how employees can maximally benefit from a product change to safer needle devices. Although not required by OSHA, collection of complete needlestick injury data is key to identifying injury patterns, implementing an abatement plan (including engineering controls) and evaluating its effectiveness.

    Chiarello (1995) suggests that a comprehensive needlestick prevention program might include the following:

    Create a multi-disciplinary team.
    Define prevention priorities on the basis of collection and analysis of an institution's injury data.
    Develop design and performance criteria for product selection according to needs for patient care and health care worker safety.
    Plan and implement an evaluation of products in clinical settings.
    Analyze product performance and cost-effectiveness to choose the product.