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    Title: Purpose of this Presentation:
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    • Update statistics
    • Define and discuss safer needle devices
    • Examine OSHA's position on the use of safet needle devices
    Speaker Notes:

    Since the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard was issued in 1992, many changes designed to protect the health care worker from occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens have occurred in the health care workplace. We have seen many procedures changed so that exposure risks are reduced or even eliminated. The rapid evolution of technology in this area makes keeping up with current information a difficult task. The purpose of my (our) presentation today is to update your information in this area. I will talk about three different parts of this topic. First, we will review the current statistics on exposure risk and prevalence and incidence of HIV, HBV, and HCV in health care workers.

    Next, we will define safer needle devices and discuss their role in preventing needlestick injuries. Finally, we will examine OSHA's position on the use of safer needle devices.