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    Title: More Than 20 Pathogens Can Be Transmitted Through Sharps or Needlestick Injuries
    Type: Title and Picture Slide
    [Includes clipart seven shapes with the following words in the middle: Syphilis, HBV, Malaria, Staph Aureus, Herpes, HCV, HIV.]

    Source: Chiarello, 1992

    Speaker Notes:

    In well-documented studies, injuries from contaminated needles and other sharp devices used in the health care setting have been associated with transmission of bloodborne pathogens to health care workers. In fact, more than 20 pathogens have been transmitted through sharps or needlestick injuries (Chiarello, 1992). Of these, HIV, HBV and HCV pose the greatest risk to the health care worker (Ippolito et al., 1997).