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    Title: Since 1991
    Type: Text Slide

    • Advancements in medical technology
    • September 1998, OSHA's Request for Information (RFI)
      - Findings of RFI
    • Union and Congressional involvement
    • November 1999, CPL 02-02-069
    Speaker Notes:

    • Nearly 10 years of new technology, medical treatments, and interpretations since publication of 1991 BBP Standard

    • The information gathered from the RFI demonstrated feasibility and availability of safer medical devices, and the importance of training and work practices controls.

    • In May of 1999, the Stark Boxer Healthcare Worker Needlestick Prevention Act was introduced to Congress. This was also designed as an attempt to reduce needlesticks.

    • The Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act was passed unanimously in the House and Senate (introduced by Congressman Cass Ballenger (NC) as HR 5178).