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    Title: Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
    Type: Text Slide

    Major Provisions by Paragraph

    1. Definitions
    2. Exposure Control Plan (ECP)
    3. Engineering and Work Practice Controls
      - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    4. HIV and HBV Research Labs
    5. Vaccination, Post-Exposure Follow-up
    6. Labeling and Training
    7. Recordkeeping
    Speaker Notes:

    This presentation will focus on requirements for (1) Exposure Control Plan, (2) Engineering Controls, (3) Recordkeeping, as these are the areas where new requirements have been mandated.

    The remaining sections of the standard have been in place since 1991. If you have questions on these sections, feel free to call your OSHA Area or Regional Office. Contact information is available on OSHA's website at www.osha.gov.