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OSHA's Lead in Construction Advisor is interactive expert software. It is intended to help users, especially small business, to understand OSHA's Lead in Construction standard. It is NOT a substitute for the standard. This Advisor provides an introduction to the scope and logic of the regulation, and summary guidance to facilitate compliance. Effort has been made to insure the accuracy of information provided by the program, but the guidance provided by the program should not be relied upon as being comprehensive. Users are encouraged to read the full text of the OSHA Standard (29 CFR 1926), and to seek appropriate legal counsel.

When you run this software, it will interview you about work place policies, activities, and exposure information to offer guidance on how the standard might apply to those facts.

The Lead in Construction Advisor 1.0:
  • provides guidance on coverage,
  • provides guidance on conducting an initial determination,
  • provides guidance on using exposure assessment data,
  • helps you evaluate historic exposure data,
  • has pop-up (hypertext) definitions of keywords and phrases, and
  • has other related help.
The software is distributed from the OSHA Web site as a single self-extracting file, LEAD.EXE. It might take 8 or 9 minutes to download the file with a 28,800 baud modem. We suggest that you copy this file into a TEMPORARY subdirectory named C:\TEMPLEAD. The software is distributed from the OSHA Web site as a single archive file, LEADX.ZIP. This is a large file (2.3 mb) because it is a Windows program. It will take about 12 minutes to download with a 28,800 baud modem. We suggest that you copy this file into a TEMPORARY subdirectory named C:\TEMPLEAD.

Download the OSHA Lead in Construction Advisor* After copying the program distribution file to C:\TEMPLEAD, do the following:
  1. Use Windows File Manager to browse to C:\TEMPLEAD, select LEADX.ZIP, and double click to extract the file LEADX.EXE from it and place it in the same directory. (Note: you must have an archive program which will decompress the ZIP archive. If you do not have a decompression program installed on your computer, there are several free or low cost programs which may be downloaded from the Internet.)
  2. Then double click on LEADX.EXE to install the software on your computer.
  3. Once you have installed the Lead in Construction Advisor, you may safely delete the file LEADX.ZIP. LEADX.EXE may also be deleted, but it is recommended that it be kept so that you may reinstall the advisor, if necessary. 
The Lead in Construction Advisor program will then be available on your computer by selecting Start/Programs/OSHASOFT/Lead in Construction Expert Advisor/Lead in Construction Expert Advisor.

OSHA invited the public to download, try out, and comment on this Public Test Version of this Advisor. OSHA appreciates the public's comments and used those comments to make the Advisors better tools for the public.

The Lead in Construction Advisor 1.0 was developed by OSHA staff: Kathy Condit, Ellen Roznowski, Maureen O'Donnell, Ira Wainless, P.E., Bob Manware, and Edward Stern; and Noah Connell and Jack Powasnick of the Office of the Solicitor of Labor. Their decision logic was written into EXSYS Professional software by Rhonda Byrnes, Ph.D., and LeAnn Weaver of Fu Associates. Eileen Lee, Ph.D., and Jean Gorman, Ph.D., of the National Multi Housing Council and the National Apartment Association suggested this Expert Advisor project and advised OSHA on it.

If you have a problem with this Advisor, please contact OSHA.

If you have safety or health problems in your workplace, please contact your local OSHA Area Office or OSHA Consultation Program Office.

Accessibility Assistance: Contact the OSHA Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management at (202) 693-2300 for assistance accessing ZIP materials.

*These files are provided for downloading.