Poultry Processing Industry

CAUTION Hazardous Industry
CAUTION Hazardous Industry

Since 1975, workers in this industry have consistently suffered injuries and illnesses at a rate more than twice the national average.

This eTool* focuses on identifying and controlling major hazards that contributed to the high rates of injuries. Other serious hazards are also discussed.

See OSHA's Workers' Rights page for more information on rights and protections.

NOTE: Some manual tasks described may not be applicable to all facilities due to automation.

*eTools are stand-alone, interactive, highly illustrated web-based training tools on occupational safety and health topics. Some use expert system modules, which enable users to answer questions and receive reliable advice on how OSHA regulations apply to their work site. Some provide guidance information for developing a comprehensive safety and health program and include other recommended practices that often go beyond specific OSHA requirements. As indicated in the disclaimer, eTools do not create new OSHA requirements.