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Use this checklist as a tool to help you in your efforts to identify hazards in your facility and keep track of follow-up measures.

  1. Print out the checklist for all of the tasks in this area of your plant to take with you as you evaluate this area of your plant. To use this option, select "Print Blank Checklist" below and a new window/tab will appear with the checklist. Then, using your browser's print option, print the checklist.

  2. Use the online checklist below and make selections and comments before printing. To do this, first check the box next to each hazardous situation that you have identified. Then for each suggested solution, indicate whether the solution is currently in use, something you want to consider, or not applicable. Include comments about the solutions or applicable follow-up procedures. Note that you may wish to identify other solutions that would prevent or control the hazardous situation in your plant. At the end of each task, there is also a field for identifying other hazards related to the task or comments about the task.

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Sanitation Worker
Cuts and Lacerations

Provide cut-resistant gloves to workers who remove blades from equipment.

Clean and disinfect all cuts immediately.

Struck By, Struck Against, and Caught In

Provide emergency stop cords, switches, or buttons where they can easily be reached.

Train employees in the location and use of the emergency stops.

Provide a lockout/tagout program and training.

Falls From Ladders or Equipment

Make sure platforms or portable ladders are the appropriate size and height for the job and in good condition.

Prohibit climbing on equipment.

Tripping Over Drain Covers

Replace drain covers as soon as the area is cleaned.

Electrical Shock

Use and maintain proper wiring and grounding.

Keep all electrical boxes covered.

Use equipment approved for wet locations.

Institute a regular inspection program looking for worn or improperly maintained electrical fixtures and equipment.

Chemical Hazards

Train employees on the hazards of the cleaners that they use.

Provide gloves, protective eyewear, and other protective equipment to prevent skin and eye contact.

Evaluate new application and chemical delivery systems before use so hazards and appropriate protective equipment can be identified.

Other Hazards

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