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Federal Directive Number: CPL 02-01-045
Date of Directive August 21, 2008

This instruction provides guidance on the application of OSHA General Industry standards to tree care and tree removal operations.

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AK No NA NA Additional Logging Standards. Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, (2008, July), available as a 516 KB PDF, 50 pages.
AZ Yes Yes 09/17/2008 NA

Chapter 4, Division of Industrial Safety. California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Title 8 regulations.

CT* Yes Yes 10/16/2008 NA
HI Yes Yes 11/14/2008 NA
IA Yes Yes 09/04/2008 NA
IN Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
KY Yes No Revision Pending Chuck Stribling, CSP, OSH Federal-State Coordinator
Phone: (502) 564-3070
MD Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
  • PART 53: Tree Trimming and Removal. MIOSHA, STD-1137, (2005, June), available as a 132 KB PDF, 8 pages.
  • PART 51: Logging. MIOSHA, STD-1135, (2004, May), available as a 178 KB PDF, 12 pages.

John Brennan
Phone: (517) 322-1831

MN Yes No Revision Pending MNOSHA Compliance
Phone: (651) 284-5050
NC Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
NJ* Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
NM Yes Yes 09/04/2008 Citation Guidance Related to Tree Care and Tree Removal Operations. New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB), Directive 08-11 (2008, September 4), available as a 343 KB PDF, 13 pages.
NV Yes Yes 01/03/2009 NA
NY* Yes Yes 10/01/2008 NA
  • Oregon Rules for Tree and Shrub Services. Oregon Administrative Rules, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, Subdivision R Special Industries, (1996, February 16), available as a 1 MB PDF, 18 pages.
  • Division 7, Forest Activities. Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 437, (2008, March).
    • Standards would apply.
PR Yes Yes 09/15/2008 NA
SC Yes Yes 11/17/2008 NA
TN Yes Yes 11/01/2008 NA
UT Yes Yes 10/01/2008 NA
VA No No NA Applicability of the Logging Standard, 1910.266, to Arborists. Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH), VOSH Program Directive 06-009, (2000, May 15), available as a 96 KB PDF, 3 pages.
VI* Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
VT Yes Yes 01/01/2009 NA
WA No NA NA Targeting WISHA Activities (General). WISHA Services Department of Labor and Industries, WISHA Regional Directive 2.10, (2001, May 2), available as a 166 KB PDF, 6 pages.
WY Yes Yes 11/03/2008 JD Danni, Program Manager
Phone: (307) 777-7786
Total 20 18    

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

[Last updated: June 9, 2009]

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