Massachusetts State Plan


  • Initial Approval: August 18, 2022 (87 FR 50766)

The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS), Workplace Safety and Health Program for Public Employees, is responsible for implementation of the Massachusetts State Plan. The main office is in Boston.


The Massachusetts State Plan covers all state and local government workers in the state. It does not cover federal government workers. Federal government workers, including those employed by the United States Postal Service and civilian workers on military bases, are covered by OSHA. OSHA also exercises authority over private sector employers in the state and federal OSHA standards apply to these workers. A brief summary of the Massachusetts State Plan is included in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at 29 CFR 1952.29. OSHA retains the authority to monitor the State Plan under Section 18(f) of the OSH Act.

State Plan Standards

Prior to adopting or amending regulations, the DLS consults with the Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Advisory Board. The Massachusetts State Plan has adopted OSHA’s occupational safety and health standards.

Enforcement Programs

The Massachusetts State Plan conducts workplace inspections. If violations are identified, the Director generally issues a written warning. However, the State Plan may also issue penalties as a first method of enforcement, without a prior written warning, depending on the gravity of the violation and when the violation warrants such action. The Massachusetts State Plan enforces a provision prohibiting retaliation for occupational safety or health activity.

Voluntary and Cooperative Programs

The Massachusetts State Plan provides free, voluntary, non-enforcement occupational safety and health training and consultation for state and local government workers and employers.

Informal Conferences and Appeals

A state or local government employer may contest a civil citation, penalty, or abatement period at an informal conference and an administrative hearing.

Contact Information

Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards
  • 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 500
  • Boston, Massachusetts 02114
  • Michael Flanagan , Director
  •  617-626-6958

Workplace Safety and Health Program for Public Employees
  • 72 School Street
  • Taunton, MA, Massachusetts 02780
  • Mary Dozois , State Plan Supervisor
  •  508-967-9945


OSHA makes every effort to ensure that this webpage is accurate and up-to-date; however, for the latest information please contact the State Plan directly.