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User Guide

Organization of the eTool

The organization of this eTool is from the most general information to the most specific information.
  • Plant-Wide Hazards: Describes occupational safety and health hazards that may be found in most areas of poultry processing facilities.
  • Processing: Describes, for specific tasks within each processing area, hazards that are either specific to the task or especially severe for that task. Some solutions are suggested for the reduction or elimination of hazards. You are encouraged to think of additional ways to reduce hazards.
In addition, Safety and Health Program, which may be accessed from "Follow-Up," describes the elements of a program for preventing and controlling occupational injuries and illnesses. OSHA believes such a program should be a part of the management strategy for workplaces in every industry.

The Site Map (below) is in outline format and can be used to navigate through the various sections of the eTool.

Site Map

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