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Receiving and Killing

The receiving and killing operation is a largely automated process in most poultry plants and includes receiving live birds, killing, scalding, defeathering, and removing feet. This operation includes the following tasks:
  • Task 1: Forklift Operator: Moves the poultry cages from trucks to conveyor/dumping areas. This person may also perform Task 2.
  • Task 2: Unloads live birds from the shipping cages to the conveyors. This operation is either automated or manual.
  • Task 3: Live Hang: Takes live birds from conveyors and hangs them in shackles.
  • Task 4: Kill Room Attendant (Backup Killer): Oversees the automatic poultry killing process and kills any birds missed by the machine.
  • Task 5: Picking Room Operator: Ensures that equipment (e.g., stunner, scalders, pickers, and conveyors) functions properly.
  • Task 6: Paw Room Grader: Sorts and separates product on conveyor.

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