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Packout - Whole Bird Bulk Packaging

Task 1: Box Liner

The box liner is responsible for placing a large plastic bag into the packing box. The bag is used to line the box to prevent loss of liquids and maintain freshness. This is important when packing whole birds because they are not sealed with any other waterproof material.

Hazards of this task may include:

Congested work area
Hazardous Situation:
Problems can occur at this task because it is often an unplanned workstation, originally intended to be temporary. Placing such a workstation in a process line without adequate planning and space allocation can result in a highly congested work area, creating the potential for injury from working in awkward postures and coming in contact with other moving machinery.
Possible Solutions:
  • Redesign task station to provide adequate room for worker and performance of task.
  • Whenever possible, replace manual operations with automated operations.
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Bending and reaching
Hazardous Situation:
Employees are required to repeat the same motion over and over (i.e., reaching and/or bending to obtain box stock and placing finished boxes on conveyor), which can result in work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
Possible Solutions:
  • Use palletizer to maintain position of box materials so employee can stand upright and keep arms in close to body during tasks.
  • Whenever possible replace manual operations with automated operations.
  • Rotate tasks.
  • Provide an adjustable work table or stand so task can be performed without torso bending or reaching.
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