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Task 1: Tray Packer

tray packerObtains a tray from a stack of trays and places it on a packing shelf. Employees then reach to obtain product and place it on the tray. Filled trays are placed on a conveyor from which they will later be plastic wrapped.

Hazards of this task may include:

Repetitive reaching
Hazardous Situation:
Employees repeatedly reach to access trays, to obtain parts, and to place filled trays on conveyors. Repetitive reaching stresses the shoulder and upper back.
Possible Solutions:
  • Use diverter bars to push the product closer to the employee.
  • Reduce width of conveyor so the product is presented closer to the employee.
  • Position packing fixtures, trays, and product so all activities of the task can be performed with the elbows in close to the torso.
  • Tilt work surface so product slides to the employee.
  • Develop both left- and right-hand stations so employees can rotate through different stations and experience periods of working rest.
  • Provide adjustable work tables or stands so task can be performed without torso bending or reaching.
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Standing for a long time
Hazardous Situation:
Standing for a long time reduces blood flow to the legs, forces isolated muscles to work for an extended time, and increases risk of fatigue and varicose veins.
Possible Solutions:
  • Install sit/stand stools, which allow employees to lean and have their weight supported while still remaining in an upright posture.
  • Rotate employees to tasks that do not require prolonged standing.
  • Provide shoe insoles that cushion the feet and spread foot pressure over a larger surface.
  • Provide a foot rest in front of employees so they can shift their posture.
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