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Carrying out these suggestions for follow-up will give you a head start on implementing employee involvement, worksite analysis, and hazard control; these are all elements of an effective occupational safety and health program.
  1. Decide the scope of your follow-up. You may choose either an entire processing area, or one or more single tasks within a processing area. (For plant-wide follow-up, select all processing areas individually.)
  2. Review the Hazardous Situations and the Possible Solutions for the area or task(s) selected. OSHA has chosen the Possible Solutions from among those known to be successful in many situations. In some cases, a single Possible Solution may not be enough by itself to completely eliminate a Hazardous Situation.
  3. Print out one or more follow-up checklists.
  1. Discuss Possible Solutions with managers and affected employees. Ask for other suggestions for solutions that would work in your plant.
  2. Select one or more solutions and develop an action plan to implement them in your workplace.
  3. Evaluate the solution to see whether it has eliminated or significantly reduced the Hazardous Situation.
To learn more about establishing an effective occupational safety and health program, see the Safety and Health Management Systems eTool.

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