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DeboningAll parts of the chicken that have sufficient meat are candidates for a bone-out product. The deboning process generally follows the cutting operation when deboning legs and thighs. The breast meat, however, may be removed while the carcass is still on the cone at the end of the cutting process.

In some facilities, the birds are aged in a cooler before the meat is separated from the bone.

While most deboning cuts are performed with a knife, some of the processes, such as removal of the meat from the bone of the leg, can be more easily and safely accomplished by using other cutting tools such as a Whizzard knife. Trimming tasks in this process are generally performed with scissors.

After the meat has been removed from the bone it may be quick frozen and bagged with little additional trimming or processing, or it may be moved to a separate specialty trim line where it is trimmed and cut according to customer requirements.

This operation includes the following tasks:
  • Task 1: Skin Puller: Pulls skin from thighs and breasts.
  • Task 2: Line Loader: Places parts on conveyor for deboning.
  • Task 3: Deboner: Uses knife to remove bone from various sections of poultry leaving a "meat only" product.
  • Task 4: Tender Puller: Pulls tenders from both sides of the deboned breast.
  • Task 5: Trimmer: Removes unwanted parts with scissors or knife.
  • Task 6: Quality Control Inspector: Inspects product.

  • Support Tasks:

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