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Weather Insulating/Sealing: Fire

Weather Insulating/Sealing: Fire

There are fire hazards associated with SPF. Employers handling SPF must ensure that electrical equipment is rated for hazardous locations and that there are no ignition sources or open flames in the area. Employers need to make certain that space where SPF is used is well ventilated to avoid accumulation of flammable gases. (OSHA 29 CFR 1926.151- General construction, Fire prevention)

Employers must have the proper fire extinguisher equipment available for use with SPF. For small, local, contained fires it is acceptable to extinguish using fire extinguishers rated for water, dry extinguishing media, carbon dioxide, or foam.

As with the use of any flammable material, employers must have a plan that outlines the assignments of key personnel in the event of a fire and develop and implement escape procedures for workers. Employers need to make sure this plan available to workers and train workers on the potential hazards of any worksite.

OSHA’s Fire Safety page should be consulted for additional information on fire hazards. OSHA's Fire Safety Advisor software is available as an additional resource in mitigating fire hazards associated with SPF.