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Green Roofs: Fall Protection

The potential for a fall is very likely while installing and maintaining green roofs, when workers are not provided with fall protection. Falling from a roof can result in death or a serious injury.  As green roof workers can get too close to the edge of the roof and may fall, trip on an uneven surface and fall, or fall through a hole or other openings, it is crucial that employers provide necessary protective equipment such as a fall arrest system to protect workers from such hazards. Employers must follow OSHA requirements in protecting workers from fall hazards.

Construction workers involved in the installation of green roofs exposed to fall distances of 6 feet or more must be protected from falls by using one of the following methods:

Maintenance work on green roofs is generally considered to fall under OSHA’s general industry standards. General industry standards require that when workers are exposed to fall hazards of 4 feet or more, they must be protected by a standard railing. If such a railing is not possible then the workers must be protected by a fall protection device such as a personal fall arrest system or a safety net.

Further information on the standards and practices that address fall hazards can be found at: