Green Job Hazards

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Green Roofs

Green roofs are steadily growing in popularity in urban areas throughout the United States. Many of these projects are installed by companies that specialize in green roof technology, while other more traditional contractors like landscapers, roofing contractors or the amalgamation of these traditional trades, can also be involved in the installation of green roofs. The ongoing maintenance of a green roof falls under Federal OSHA’s general industry standards. The safety challenges associated with this growing industry have new and very often familiar safety issues.

Hazards and Controls

Workers in the Green Roofs industry are exposed to typical workplace hazards including the following.

Green Roof Fun Fact

The oldest Green Roof in the United States is on top of the Rockefeller Center in New York. Although the Rockefeller rooftop garden was built in 1930, interest in Green Roof technology has only occurred within the last 15 years. Currently, Chicago, Portland and New York are the leaders in implementing Green Roof technology in the United States.