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Green Roofs: Powered Industrial Trucks (All-Terrain Forklifts)

Powered Industrial Trucks are often used to load, move, and stage materials for hoisting to roofs. The hazards related to this equipment involve workers who operate or work near forklifts who may be struck or crushed by the machine or the load being handled, or when a forklift has overturned. Workers may be injured due to lack of safe operating procedures, lack of safety-rule enforcement, and inadequate training. See OSHA’s standard 29 CFR 1910.178 for specific requirements on power industrial trucks.

OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least daily before being placed in service. Forklifts used on a round-the-clock basis must be examined after each shift.

Forklift operators need to follow safe operating rules at all times. Operators must always maintain control of the forklift, keep a proper lookout, and operate the forklift at speeds safe for the particular operation and worksite conditions.

Surface or ground conditions are an important part of safe lift truck operation. Operating surfaces must be strong enough to support the forklift, its load and its operator. They need to be free of holes, grease, oil or obstructions that could cause the lift truck to skid or bounce, and possibly tip over.


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