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Weather Insulating/Sealing: Medical and First Aid

Weather Insulating/Sealing: Medical and First Aid

Weatherization and insulation materials can be used at new construction sites as well as remodeling sites. New home construction sites can sometimes be found in more remote places without easy access to medical or clinical personnel. If this is the case, the employers need to ensure that medical personnel are available for advice and consultation, and that someone who is trained is available to provide first aid. See OSHA's Medical and First Aid Safety and Health Topics Page for standards and safety practices.

Trained first-aid providers should be available at all job sites, especially if there is no nearby clinic or hospital. If a worker is expected to render first aid as part of his or her job duties, the worker is covered by the requirements of the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens standard. This standard includes specific training requirements.

For further information on medical and first aid, OSHA’s Medical and First Aid page should be consulted. Another resource is OSHA’s publication on First Aid Programs.