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Pneumatic press
Pneumatic press

A pneumatic press derives its primary mechanical action (such as shearing, punching, bending, forming, drawing, extruding, assembly, or other action) from a pressure source by means of compressed air. Such presses are used in mechanized binderies for a variety of purposes, and, although they cannot supply the extreme pressures available with the hydraulic press, they do offer the advantages of speed of operation and cleanliness.

 A fully pneumatic power press differs from a mechanical or hydraulic press, which may use pneumatic systems to only activate a brake/clutch, slide counterbalance or other systems but that uses mechanical  means or hydraulic fluid to power the ram.

Operator Involvement

The operator is responsible for feeding or placing the stock on the bottom die, seeing that it is properly positioned, activating the press cycle with a pressure control switch, and removing the completed part.

Potential Hazards

Power press with pneumatic clutch
  • As with other presses, the main hazard areas are located in or around the point of operation.

  • Material can be sharp, slippery, or difficult to grasp.