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Mechanical power press
Mechanical power press

A mechanical power press shears, punches, forms, or assembles metal or other materials by means of tools or dies attached to slides or rams. Metalworking occurs by placing stock on a bottom die and striking it with a top die. The top die is attached to a crankshaft with connecting rods and rotation of the crankshaft is accomplished from a motor, flywheel, and gear power transmission.

Typical mechanical power presses fall under two primary categories with respect to their specific clutch system:

Under these two categories are lists of the specific barriers, guards and hazards for each type of power press.

For additional information on electrical requirements, covers and auxiliary safeguarding for mechanical power presses, please refer to the Press Safety Considerations page.

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Power presses, because of their use in high-production manufacturing and integral operator involvement, result in maximum hazards. Careful operation and safety precautions are extremely necessary.