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Chop saw
Chop saw


A chop saw is essentially a lightweight circular saw mounted on a spring-loaded pivoting arm, and supported by a metal base. Chop saws are considered the best saw to get very exact, square cuts. Compound miter saws have been developed due to the limited cutting capacity of the chop saw. These are basically chop saws that can make bevel cuts as well as miter cuts.

Operator Involvement

The chop saw is operated by the user lining the saw blade with the user's mark. The user then positions the hands properly, clamping the wood to the fence with one hand and working the saw with the other. A trigger is depressed to activate the blade and the blade is pulled through the work piece. The left hand secures the material and the right hand stays firmly on the handle. Once the blade has been guided through the cut, the user guides the saw back to the upright position.


Point of Operation
Chop saw
Chop saw


Potential Hazard

  • Contact with the turning blade.


  • Ensure that all guards are in place and working. If a guard seems slow to return to its normal position, adjust or repair it immediately.

Additional Safety Measures

  • Use only recommended size and RPM rated blades.

  • Maintain sharp blades.

  • Always wear eye and face protection