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Miter saw
Miter saw


A miter saw is a circular power saw that is mounted on a frame and designed to make accurate angle cuts. The saw blade and motor are mounted on an elbow hinged arm, which is fixed at the rear of the saw. When the blade is lowered in a chopping motion, the blade cuts through the work piece, passing through a slot in the base. The miter saw is sometimes referred to as a chop box.

Operator Involvement

The operator of a miter saw slides the head out over the work, then lowers the blade into the wood, and makes the cut while pushing the head back toward the fence. Most workers find that this feels safer than pulling the blade toward them during a cut, as is done with a radial arm saw. (Buildscape, article 105)

Miter saw


Potential Hazard

  • The operator's hands may slip off the stock while pushing into the saw blade. This may result in severe cuts and amputations.

  • Severe cuts and amputations may also occur if the operator's hand are too close to the blade during cutting operations.


  • Miter saws must be equipped with a guard that protects the portion of the saw above the table. The guard must automatically adjust itself to the thickness of the material being cut in order to provide continuous protection from the blade.

Additional Safety Measures

  • Maintain sharp blades.

  • Make sure hands are kept at a safe distance from the blade during cutting operations.

  • Always wear eye and face protection.