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Two-hand trips are used as a safeguarding device on a full revolution clutch power press only. This device requires the joint operation of two trigger buttons located away from the "danger zone" of the press. Activation of the machine stroke requires only a "trip" of the controls whereas a two-hand control requires continued pressure. The two-hand trip requires the operators hands to be away from the point of operation to activate the machine stroke.

Two-hand trip regulations
Two-hand tripping device
Two-hand tripping device
  • When used in press operations requiring more than one operator, separate two hand trips must be provided for each operator, and must be designed to require concurrent application of both operators to activate the slide. [29 CFR 1910.217(c)(3)(viii)(a)]
  • Two-hand trips' position must be fixed so that only a supervisor or safety engineer is capable of relocating the controls. [29 CFR 1910.217(c)(3)(viii)(d)]

Flashing Warning Sign

When applying a two-hand trip to meet the requirements for a point of operation safe guarding device, make sure the buttons are located on the press so they are at least the minimum safety distance required by the safety distance (Dm) formula.

This means the palm buttons must be located far enough away so that after the press is tripped and the operator releases both palm buttons, the operator cannot "beat the ram" or reach into the point of operation or other pinch points before the dies close.