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Hydra-mechanical press
Hydra-mechanical press

This press combines hydraulic and mechanical operations into one system. Hydra-mechanical presses consist of two basic models: one is actuated by a mechanical treadle/pedal and the other is actuated by an electric foot switch or palm buttons with a complete control system.

Operator Involvement

The operator is responsible to feed or place the stock on the bottom die properly and activate the press cycle with palm buttons, a foot pedal, or a foot switch.

Hydra-mechanical press Side view of a hydra-mechanical press with labeled control box and light curtain

Potential Hazards

  • A hand or other body part near the point of operation during cycling can result in severe injury.

  • Operating controls, especially foot pedals, introduce the possibility of accidental cycling.

  • In forming large pieces, the operator must hold the stock and cycle the press with a foot pedal. As the work stroke begins, the stock will move up or down, creating a hazard.