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  • Salena Williams (62): Fell on sidewalk
  • Robert Chittick (63): Engulfed in corn bin
  • Carolyn Brooks (83): Caught in drill
  • Samuel Martin (22): Fell from roof
  • Kimberlee Francoeur (30): Struck by snow machine
  • Ierome Vili (55) and Alatina Faleasi (22): Struck by car
  • Nicole Armentrout (43): Struck by truck
  • Marlon Diaz (21): Trench collapse
  • David Garren (58): Electrocuted by power line
  • Nathan Collito (26): Flash fire
  • Victor Irizarry (30): Carbon monoxide
  • Cody Theriot (23): Drowned in canal

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