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Axe: The single-bitted axe is used by fallers for cutting, brushing-out, hammering wedges, and as a plumb to determine lean. The axe head must be kept sharp and free of burrs. The handle must be tightly set into the head and free of splits. The axe head must be pinned to the handle. The handle can also be used to gauge the height of a tree.

The axe head should be 2 1/2 to 5 pounds or more when working large timber. This makes driving wedges easier, with less shock to the arms and shoulders. The axe head should be wide and square enough to make good contact with the wedges. The axe must be within easy reach at all times. It should be kept at the base of the tree being felled. If worn on the belt, the axe must be sheathed.


Bar Oil Container: Portable container for bar oil used for lubricating chain saw guide bar and chain.

Cable Cutter: Portable tool used for cutting wire rope cable.

Clinometer: Used to gauge the height of a tree and measure slope angles.


Files: Used to sharpen saw chain and other cutting tools.


Flagging: Plastic or cloth tape for marking boundaries, danger trees, skid roads, etc.


Gasoline Container: Approved portable container for flammable liquids.

Grease Gun: Tools used to grease and lubricate equipment ranging from guide bar sprockets to the largest of logging machines. May be manually or pneumatically operated.

Guide Bar Rail Closer: Tool used to close the rails of the chain saw guide bar back to their original shape.

Guide Bar Straightener: Tool used to straighten chain saw guide bars and to remove and replace bar tip rivets.

Loggers Tape: Retractable tape measure with stinger/nail attached to the free end. Used to measure trees and logs.

Portable Jacks: Portable tools consisting of rams and hydraulic cylinders used for lifting or moving heavy objects.

Portable Winches: Portable pulling devices for winching small logs and trees.

Pro-Sight: Portable card with plumbing string used to gauge the height of a tree, plumb the lean in a tree, calculate segments in a tree, and determine the amount of lift needed to successfully fell a tree against the lean.

Pro-Sight: Portable card with plumbing string.

Screwdriver: Used for adjusting chain saw carburetor settings and other miscellaneous tasks.

Tachometer: Used to tune a chain saw motor to the manufacturer's recommended speed.

Toothbrush: Small brush used in cleaning chain saw air filters and other miscellaneous jobs.

Wedges: Plastic or metal tools used by loggers to fell a tree against the lean and to prevent the chain saw guide bar from being pinched while felling or bucking.

Wrenches (Open end, Box end, Allen): Used for chain saw maintenance and other miscellaneous tasks.


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