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A Processor is a mobile machine consisting of a power plant, operator enclosure and a maneuverable articulating arm onto which a processing head is attached. This machine often follows a feller buncher and picks up one tree at a time from the tree pile or bunch. The tree is pulled by rollers through a clamp which removes all branches; then a saw in the processing head cuts off the top of the tree. The machine then pulls the delimbed tree through the processing head, stops at the desired length and cuts off the log, then repeats the process until the tree and other trees in the pile or bunch are processed into a pile of delimbed, cut-to-length logs. The processor then moves to another pile of felled trees and repeats the process, leaving behind small groups of processed logs.

See Delimbers, for examples of the two main delimbers in use today, a dangle head processor and a stroke delimber.


A Harvester is a machine that combines the features and abilities of the feller buncher and processor and that may or may not have a bunk to store and then forward the trees or cut logs to the landing.

book There are no specific OSHA requirements for Forwarders. Please refer to General Requirements for Machines and Vechicles.


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