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Processing at the Yard

Some machines may be used to process the logs at the yard or landing.

  • A Delimber is a machine that delimbs and tops trees at the yard or landing.
  • A Slasher cuts the logs into desired lengths.
  • A Chipper reduces the logs into small pieces, usually for paper products or to burn as fuel. If the chips are used to make paper, the logs will often be processed through another machine called the Debarker before passing through the chipper. The Debarker removes the bark and small limbs from the logs.

These machines must comply with the OSHA General Requirements for Machines. Chippers have additional requirements as described below.

Highlights of Chipper Requirements

Chippers contain blades, discs or knives to reduce "scrap" wood to wood chips. Employee contact with the operating components presents amputation hazards.

  • Employees must be protected from contacting operating chipper components by guarding the infeed and discharge ports, and preventing the opening of the access covers or doors until the drum or disc is at a complete stop.
  • Detached trailer chippers must be prevented from rolling or sliding on any slope by chocking the trailer wheels.
  • A safe distance ( i.e. two tree or log lengths) must be maintained between these operations and any other work or workers.

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