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Developing a Tree Harvesting Plan

A tree harvesting plan should be developed to address the hazards associated with a specific logging site.

Hazards to consider in developing the plan include:

What are the general safe practice requirements?

  • Employees must be spaced and the duties of each employee must be organized so the actions of one employee will not create a hazard for any other employee.
  • Assess for and limit hazards associated with electrical storms, strong winds which may affect the fall of a tree, heavy rain or snow, extreme cold, dense fog, fires, mudslides, and darkness.
  • Trees must be felled in a manner that does not create a hazard to employees ( i.e. work areas must be assigned so that trees cannot fall into an adjacent occupied work area).
  • Generally, employees must not approach a feller or mechanical felling operation any closer than 2 tree-lengths of the trees being felled, until the feller or felling machine operator has acknowledged that it is safe to do so.
  • Felling must be done uphill from or on the same level as previously felled trees. This will limit the hazards associated with the rolling or sliding of logs or trees.
  • Each employee performing a logging operation at a logging work site must work in a position or location that is within visual or audible contact with another employee.
  • The employer must account for each employee at the end of each workshift.

What precautions must be taken when "danger trees" are in the felling area?

  • Each danger tree must be felled or removed using mechanical or other techniques to minimize employee exposure before work is begun in the area of the danger tree.
  • Before felling or removing a danger tree, loose bark and damage must be removed or held in place.
  • If the danger tree cannot be felled or removed, it must be marked and there shall be no work allowed within 2 tree-lengths of it, unless the employer demonstrates that a shorter distance will not create a hazard for an employee.
  • When cutting a spring pole or other trees under stress, no employee other than the feller must be within 2 tree-lengths of the tree when the stress is released.

book Additional Information:

Example of unstable Wind Blown danger trees.

Unstable Wind Blown Danger Trees