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Explosives may be used by loggers for clearing obstacles. They present an extreme hazard if improperly stored, transported, or used. Most of the requirements for explosives come from OSHA's general standards. [See 29 CFR 1910.109, Explosives and blasting agents.]
Highlights of Explosives Requirements

In general, explosives (including blasting agents) must be properly stored, transported, and handled so they do not create a hazard to workers.

  • Only designated persons shall handle or use explosives.
  • While transporting explosives, do not smoke or carry matches or other flame producing products. Also, do not have firearms or loaded cartridges.
  • Do not transport blasting caps in the same vehicle as the explosives.
  • Do not have any matches or flame producing materials in the area.
  • Do not use alcohol, narcotics or other dangerous drugs when using explosives.
  • Before you blast, make sure all extra explosives are out of the area and all others are safely away and under cover.
  • Always give adequate warning before blasting.

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