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Professional loggers use a wide variety of tools and equipment to perform their jobs. This section lists and describes many of these tools and the OSHA regulations required for their safe use and maintenance. Tools and equipment that are properly used and maintained will increase the safety and productivity of any logger. See Recommendations for Tools and Good Practices for further descriptions of hand tools and equipment.

Highlights of Other Hand Tools and Equipment Requirements (29 CFR 1910.266(e)(1))

How are tools required to be used, maintained and transported in logging?

  • All tools used by employees must be in serviceable condition. Inspections before each work shift must assure that handles and guards are in place, sound, tight-fitting, properly shaped, and free of splinters and sharp edges; there is no "mushrooming" or chipping of the heads of shock, impact-driven, and driving tools; cutting edges are sharp and properly shaped; and all safety devices are in place and functioning properly.
  • All tools must be used only for the purposes for which they are designed and be stored in their assigned location or container when not in use.
  • When transporting tools in a vehicle, they must be secured or arranged to prevent causing a hazard to the vehicle driver and passengers.

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