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Hydrosetting oven
Hydrosetting oven

Hydrosetting methods vary between battery plants, ranging from placing the pasted plate racks in the workroom to placing the racks within a temperature- and humidity-controlled room or chamber. The major source of lead exposure in the hydrosetting process comes from lead oxide when the grids are handled incorrectly.

Potential Sources of Exposure

  • Lead may become airborne from handling or moving dry plates.

  • Lead particulate may become airborne from positioning pallets of pasted plates near drafts or thermals.

  • Handling burlap, used to cover grids, that has been contaminated with lead oxide improperly.

Possible Work Practice Controls

  • Do not cover with burlap; instead use plastic or some other material that will not become heavily contaminated.

  • Position pallets away from cross drafts or thermals.

  • Vacuum pallets, racks, and edges of plates and panels to prevent dried lead-bearing dust from being re-entrained.

  • Provide adequate PPE, a change of clothes, and shower rooms (see OSHA Lead Requirements for PPE, Housekeeping, and Hygiene Facilities).