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Waste water
Waste water

Normally, employees are not exposed to hazardous levels of airborne lead contaminants while servicing and maintaining waste water treatment systems. However, while handling lead-bearing wastes, sludge, and filters employees may come in contact with lead-containing wastes.

Figure 1. Waste water treatment area

Potential Sources of Exposure

  • Liquid lead waste may splash on equipment and become airborne if it dries and becomes disturbed.

  • Employees may contact leaded waste products while removing and transporting recovered lead, filter cake, or sludge.

  • Employees may contact lead-containing materials during maintenance, repair and cleanup operations.

Possible Engineering and Work Practice Controls

  • Ensure that appropriate PPE is provided and used when handling leaded materials.

  • Transfer recovered lead in covered or closed containers.

  • Clean up spills and lead contaminated water mists, when necessary, to prevent leaded materials from drying.