The table below lists the number of OSHA-170 abstracts by keyword value. The keywords are established at the time the abstract is reviewed.

KeyWord Occurances - 67439
Sacroiliac5 Safe20 Safety Bar59
Safety Belt661 Safety Block47 Safety Control Line24
Safety Latch64 Safety Relief Valve40 Safety Shoe71
Salt Vat7 Sand148 Sand Pot7
Sand Silo17 Sandblasting112 Sanding Machine63
Saw2522 Sawdust74 Sawmill272
Sawyer49 Scaffold2834 Scaffold Bearer10
Scaffold Collapse416 Scaffold Pic4 Scaffold Rigging40
Scaffolding307 Scalp113 Scalped10
Scba107 Scooter--3 Wheel11 Scrap Metal152
Scrap Yard54 Scraper167 Screen28
Screw Conveyor213 Screw Jack9 Scuba31
Seal50 Sealing Machine46 Seat Belt784
Security Guard204 Seizure42 Self-Propelled8
Service Conductor23 Set Screw4 Set Up193
Severed466 Sewage49 Sewer283
Shackle29 Shaft285 Sharp Turn190
Sharpening Machine13 Shear231 Sheared60
Shearing Machine97 Sheet Metal260 Ship233
Shipyard172 Shock310 Shoring835
Shoulder1462 Shovel94 Shut-Off Valve27
Side View Mirror8 Signalman303 Silo151
Single Piece Rim41 Single Story48 Single-Pt Susp Scaff9
Skidder367 Skiing34 Skin334
Skull1127 Skylight754 Slag Track5
Sleeping Quarters10 Slicer73 Sling435
Slip4708 Slippery Surface1376 Slitter71
Slope868 Sloping628 Slough3
Sludge37 Smoke296 Smoke Inhalation277
Smoking74 Snaphook Rollout10 Snowplow Blade7
Sodium Cyanide4 Sodium Hydroxide87 Sodium Hypochlorite36
Soffit25 Soldering Torch13 Soybeans17
Spark290 Speeding303 Spill509
Spillway4 Spindle73 Spine553
Spleen190 Splinter38 Spot Welding17
Sprain643 Spray Booth23 Spray Painting156
Spraying Rig72 Spreader Bar85 Sprocket654
Stabbing Board12 Stacker Crane18 Stair613
Stair Landing133 Stakes34 Stamper26
Stand-Up Operator60 Standpipe14 Stapling Machine12
Start Button53 Started In Gear138 Static Electricity96
Steam347 Steam Cleaner32 Steam Line47
Stearic Acid1 Steel481 Steel Beam476
Steel Block6 Steel Column58 Steel Connecting45
Steel Connector28 Steel Erection489 Steel Plate184
Steel Tube64 Steel-Melting Furn13 Steep Grade446
Steering27 Steering Wheel47 Step Bolt8
Stepladder784 Stomach184 Stop Switch52
Storage Area304 Storage Bin93 Storage Rack506
Storage Room43 Storage Tank255 Storm123
Straddle Carrier19 Strain Relief11 Strand Installation11
Strangulated37 Streetlighting29 Stripping Machine21
Struck Against5317 Struck By22172 Structure Moving89
Stuck470 Stuck Vehicle15 Styrene20
Substation166 Suffocated375 Suicide104
Sulfur26 Sulfur Dioxide37 Sulfuric Acid124
Sump Tank26 Super Phosphate Acid1 Support Cable26
Support Posts80 Surveyor82 Suspended Ceiling47
Suspended Load378 Suspension Strand27 Swamp Buggy3
Sweeper74 Sweeper Arm5 Swim58
Switchboard31 Switchgear120 System Grounding22