The table below lists the number of OSHA-170 abstracts by keyword value. The keywords are established at the time the abstract is reviewed.

KeyWord Occurances - 53101
E Ag92 E C844 E Gi Ia665
E Gi Ib301 E Gi Ic169 E Gi Ii228
E Gi Iii475 E Gi Iv1028 E Gi V298
E Gi Vi46 E Gi Vii513 E M20
E Ptd1337 E Tc160 Ear185
Earthmoving Equip619 Earthquake3 Eczema1
Edger49 Ejected933 Elbow635
Elderly161 Elec Circ Part--Misc974 Elec Equipment--Misc348
Elec Insulation154 Elec Port Tool--Misc55 Elec Protect Equip992
Elec Utility Work1901 Electric Arc993 Electric Cable252
Electric Conductor738 Electric Cord172 Electric Drill86
Electric Generator59 Electric Light--Port70 Electric Meter38
Electric Motor91 Electric Pump47 Electric Saw158
Electric Screw Gun17 Electric Shock2790 Electric Sign39
Electric Switch182 Electrical6588 Electrical Box271
Electrical Cabinet272 Electrical Fault770 Electrical Splice28
Electrical Testing121 Electrical Vault52 Electrical Work1680
Electrician1444 Electrocuted5427 Electrolytic Cell5
Electronic Control13 Electronic Equipment33 Electronic Technicn56
Electronic Work30 Elephant13 Elevated Work Plat1787
Elevator651 Elevator Gate24 Elevator Shaft460
Embankment376 Embolism66 Emergency Response253
Emergency Stop136 Enclosed Space48 End Plate6
Engine211 Entangled585 Entry Permit8
Envelope Machine4 Epilepsy2 Equipment Approval114
Equipment Failure2976 Equipment Grounding496 Equipment Operator1375
Erection Process350 Escalator19 Etching Operation7
Ethanol18 Ethylene Glycol7 Ethylene Oxide37
Evacuation47 Excavation1113 Excavator401
Exhaust Fumes207 Exhaust System58 Explosion3332
Explosion Venting15 Explosive Mixing39 Explosives132
Extension Handle190 Extension Ladder905 Eye925