The table below lists the number of OSHA-170 abstracts by keyword value. The keywords are established at the time the abstract is reviewed.

KeyWord Occurances - 29394
Packing House61 Paint278 Paint Booth21
Paint Pigments5 Paint Solvent64 Painter865
Pallet877 Palletized Cargo121 Palm Tree25
Pancreas12 Panel195 Panelboard166
Paper119 Paper Binding Machin5 Paper Machine157
Paper Roll101 Paper Shredder18 Paperboard12
Paralysis181 Partition6 Pcb4
Pelletizing Plant6 Pelvis1318 Penis14
Pentane2 Perchloroethylene15 Perforating Gun7
Perimeter Guarding138 Personnel Cage60 Pesticide68
Petroleum Naphtha7 Phos Oxychloride1 Phosgene15
Phosphine Gas8 Phosphoric Acid28 Phosphorous6
Phthalic Anhydride2 Piano3 Pickup Truck456
Pier72 Pile Driver55 Pile Leads8
Piling52 Pilot Light83 Pin244
Pinned3985 Pinsetter6 Pipe1538
Pipe Plug23 Pipe Wrench39 Pipeline258
Piston54 Pit251 Planing Machine97
Plank340 Planking50 Plastic Mfg187
Platform795 Plug Adapter10 Plumbing238
Point Of Operation1759 Poisoning423 Polyester Resin4
Polyisocyanate1 Polyvinyl Acetate2 Polyvinyl Chloride19
Pool125 Poor Visibility326 Portable Power Tool596
Pot23 Potash5 Potential Gradient31
Pouring63 Powder45 Powder Actuated Tool19
Power Line Worker1252 Power Press713 Power Take-Off101
Power Trans Appar8 Ppe2075 Precast45
Press1284 Press Brake349 Press Cylinder12
Press Operator844 Pressure Piping95 Pressure Release601
Pressure Vessel160 Printing121 Printing Press363
Process Safety54 Propane386 Propane Torch52
Propane Truck23 Propylene5 Protective Clothing185
Protective Grounding148 Pry Bar100 Psych Illness23
Pull Back Device117 Pulley636 Pulmonary Edema23
Pulmonary Embolism59 Pump364 Pump Jack Scaffold127
Pumping Station22 Punch Press527 Puncture1153
Purging50 Pyrotechnics44