The table below lists the number of OSHA-170 abstracts by keyword value. The keywords are established at the time the abstract is reviewed.

KeyWord Occurances - 9925
Gantry Crane79 Garbage Truck599 Garnett Machine11
Gas791 Gas Can17 Gas Fitting13
Gas Leak329 Gas Powered Welder7 Gas Well69
Gas Well Drilling117 Gas-Fired Boiler7 Gasket37
Gasoline424 Gear198 Geronimo Line4
Gin Pole29 Girder77 Glass Pack24
Glove1080 Glue66 Golf Cart107
Gored7 Grader166 Grain145
Grain Bin188 Grain Dust25 Grain Elevator91
Grating106 Gravel Trailer7 Grinder444
Grinding Machine155 Grinding Room4 Grinding Wheel129
Ground Fault605 Grounding Electrode18 Guard1739
Guardrail1590 Guide78 Guide Post8
Guillotine Shear19 Gunshot153 Guy163