The table below lists the number of OSHA-170 abstracts by keyword value. The keywords are established at the time the abstract is reviewed.

KeyWord Occurances - 20896
Idler11 Idlh23 Ignition System72
Impaled267 Implosion5 Inadequate Maint684
Inattention4931 Incinerator15 Ind Trk Operator1081
Induced Current26 Industrial Truck6569 Inexperience799
Infection253 Infectious Disease90 Inflating188
Inhalation1912 Insecticide9 Installing2813
Insulated Tool94 Insulator39 Interlock299
Intermodal Container31 Intoxicated119 Iron51
Iron Worker372 Ironing Machine23 Irrigation Equipment49
Irrigation Pipe39 Isocyanate8 Isopropanol8
Isopropyl Alcohol16